About us

Welcome to Canadian Writings. It’s a pleasure to have you here and we’d love to tell you a little bit more about our company and what we aim to do.

Canadian Writings was founded with the aim to help both Canadian and international students to get the highest marks for complex assignments every time.

Our idea came about when we started discussing how hard it was to keep up with all of the assignments needed to complete our degrees while simultaneously trying to study for exams, earn a living to fund our studies and even (dare we say it) have a bit of a social life.

We discussed how amazing it would have been to have a reliable writing service that could take care of some of the more complex, time consuming assignments for us. As our discussion continued, we saw that this idea had potential.

We talked to thousands of students, who told us what they would want from such a service, and that’s how Canadian Writings was born.

We have now expanded our company as our customer base grew and we currently have around a thousand writers who write across over one hundred different subjects working for us. We help tens of thousands of students every year.

We love what we do here, and we feel that helping the next generation of students graduate with their sanity intact is so rewarding and a great service to our country.