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Gananoque, ON, Canada
Research paper, 18 hours, Sophomore

When I realized I loved reading their sample work I still didn’t expect to receive the exact same style and quality in my order. It just never happens! Pleasant surprise, Canadian Writings) I will surely order more and tell friends;)

Miami, FL, US
Case study, 3 days, Junior

They have fixed my tormented case study! I’ve been wandering from a service to service and no one could get it done right. Canadian writings had sent me a list of things that needed to be fixed in order to make that paper read well within a couple of hours and in a few days I finally got what I’ve been needing for weeks!

Mission, BC, Canada
Admission services, MBA

I can’t estimate how much nerves this service saved me! I was applying to MBA and I never felt as unprepared and confused ever in my life. Canadian writings team had helped me with the admission essay, edited my CV so that I almost fell in love with myself haha and now I’m waiting for my speech to come as I received an invitation for the interview! Yahoo!

Book review, 5 days, Sophomore

I like that I can choose a package including writing and proofreading and forget about that assignment. Been ordering from canadian writings since my first year and they never let me down. Now I barely read the completed papers they send to me, haha. I know everything is going to be fine.

Pittsburgh, PA, US
Essay, 5 days, High School

I like that they are not afraid to post really cool, highly academic papers as free samples. I think it's safe to say that I downloaded a couple of them, rewrote and turned in successfully (in fact, both essays were praised as the best researched and composed in the class). I've been training to write like this too and until then, I place an order now and then to maintain my rep in this school. A bit pricey, but definitely worth it.

Alberton, PE, Canada
Coursework, 10 days, Junior

I love everything about this site starting from the clear design and to the super informative FAQ section. They covered every question, including those I didn’t even know I had! And then the customer support agent told me even more about the process of my order processing and writing. Thank you for helping me out of the grave of my academic performance. I’m only putting four stars because I got B+ not an A.