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Concord, NC, USA
Rewriting, 7 days, Junior

You guys made an amazing job for my thesis paper having traced all the pieces and uniting them into a single idea. I really shouldn't have strayed from the project’s initial direction. The valuable lesson and extremely pleasant experience of working with you!

Oakland, MI, USA
Proofreading, 4 days, Senior

I was on the edge of panic when my dissertation was returned back for proofreading for the third time. I really felt weak in my knees when re-read it for the n-th time and found no mistakes to fix. Thanks to Canadian Writings my work is now accepted to publish!

Lawrence, KA, US
Reaction paper, 7 days, Sophomore

I never felt like giving an explanation is my thing. However, with these guys on my side it felt natural. Maybe because they were doing everything instead of me? Totally in love with the results of my paperwork. Many endless thankings to you!

Joe Hang
Beijing, China
Argumentative essay, 5 days, Freshman

My writer here did an impressive investigation that later described in my argumentative paper. It`s great as nothing was missed, and looked pretty good to me from every side. Thanks a lot for the job you did, I`m sure it wasn`t our last.

Chengdu, China
Admission essay, 48 hours, Freshman

I`M ACCEPTED! The best day of my life and I dedicate it to canadian writings and their help with my admission. Even though the total price was biting, it worthed every dollar I paid. Recommend for million times!

Seattle, WA, US
Coursework, 10 days, Junior

I found a sample of a coursework in here and basically fell in love with it. Thankful to the writer of CanadianWritings for performing even a better one for me.