Although we are not proposing you a brand new shampoo or a magic pill that will cure you of all the college problems, we propose you the type of a service which requires a lot of effort to be made for the visible results. That is why we highly recommend you to check the testimonials from both regular and new customers. Also, do not hesitate with leaving your own feedback about our services.

Valleyfield, QC, Canada
Lab report, 3 days, Sophomore

Nice, comfortable and logical website. I found answers on all my questions as soon as they popped out in my head, figured out how much my order would cost, chose a writer and here we go! Received the message, downloaded, printed out. Yesterday I turned in my paper and today I got an A! I wish everything was such a delicious piece of cake.

Oklahoma City, OK, US
Article, 4 days, Master’s

Canadian Writings feels like home to me. They provide all kinds of services I need including the turabian style option. And they do actually know what a turabian style is. Also, the sms notification is super convenient as I tend to order papers in bulk for different dates and forget what I ordered for when.

Windsor, ON, Canada
Article, 5 days, Senior

This website has been the number 1 in my bookmarks for a while. Not only do they write amazing texts, I also get an extra discount each time I order, which makes the price more than just affordable.

Anaheim, CA, US
Article critique, 48 hours, High School

The team of Canadian Writings had performed a miracle! I was sure I was doomed to die of boredom when the teacher asked me to write a critique of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Special thanks to the support guys, you are super helpful and patient, sorry for keeping writing in the wrong section tho:)

Matthews, NC, US
Editing, 3 days, Sophomore

Thanks for ending my 2 weeks suffering over the research paper. You finally managed to find the key to the heart of my supervisor and he stopped returning me the piece marked with "weak thesis statement". Frankly speaking, you style seemed too blunt for me but now I see that I tend to take a too observing position. Thanks again!

Calgary, AB, CA
Book review, 3 days, Freshman

This is the unique service in terms of how they work. As I am so not well-off, I was first abashed with the prices but then figured out that there are many features set on default that one can simply uncheck to cheapen the service. That's an awesome opportunity since these guys are indeed great in what they do! Thanks for the awesome review! ♥