We offer a full range of academic services for our customers. You may use any service as a stand-alone service, or combine several to get all of your assignments taken of. We even offer some non-academic services that can help you after you’ve completed your education.

Here are the services we offer to our customers and a bit of information about each one:

Type of service


Academic Paper Writing

A full service option which covers the research, writing and editing and proof reading of an entire essay on any subject at any academic level.


Maths, Physics, Economics and Statistics Problems

We can complete complex calculations and provide data analysis for all of your numerical needs.


Multiple Choice Questions

We will fully research each question to ensure that the correct answer option is chosen.


Proof Reading

We will proof read any written document to check for spelling, grammar or punctuation errors and correct them accordingly.



We offer both structural edits and line editing services to ensure your written piece is as strong as it can be.



Got yourself an email list and struggling for content that will sell your product to your subscribers? We can write engaging content with a strong call to action that converts sales.


Admission Services

Get noticed for the right reasons. We can write you an admissions essay that will get you an interview even at the most prestigious colleges and universities.


Dissertation Services

We will generate a thesis that will prove you know where the gaps in research lie in your chosen field, and then we will answer that thesis with appropriate expert thinking from reliable sources and intelligent debate.


Resume/CV Writing

We can write you a kick ass CV or resume that will catch and keep a recruiter’s attention and land you that all important interview.

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